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Jan 29, 2024

Interior Design Trends for Our Orlando Homes

A new year, a new look? Are you ready for some changes to your Florida home decor? Maybe you’re buying a new home and trying to decide how to decorate.RockWell Homeshas some interior design trends for our Orlando homes to inspire your creative thinking.

What Are Some Florida Interior Design Ideas?

Florida home design has a distinctive style, but there’s plenty of room to add your personal taste and choices. If coastal decor ebbs your excitement, think about what sparks your decorating energy.

Remember, Florida is surrounded by coast on three sides but there’s plenty of countryside. And contemporary design fits as perfectly into Orlando homes as cottage, country, and traditional. The most important rule for interior design ideas is to fill your space with what you love!

Define your personal style.

What’s the look that appeals to you? What should your Florida home design saytoyou andaboutyou? Bold and adventurous? Soft and relaxed? Eclectic? In Florida, you’ll see many influences, like Tropical, Mediterranean, Spanish, Minimalist, Contemporary, Modern Farmhouse, Country Cottage, and even Boho-inspired decor. When you understand your personal style and goals, you can make your choices to fit them.

Start with the color palette.

As with any interior design ideas, start by planning your color palette. A neutral base is always a great choice because you can dress it up with pops of color in accent walls and decor that’s easy to change—seasonally or when you just need something different.

Neutral doesn’t have to mean boring. Choose soft shades of your favorite colors. Consider your base colors as the background to your home’s style. Soft sage, taupe with a bit of green, a peachy pink, pale blue-green, muted mauve, and lavender with a hint of gray are examples of neutral colors.

Add a splash.

Once you’ve chosen your color palette, bring in your secondary colors and patterns. Go bold in a bathroom. Add vibrant colors and designs in pillows, throws, wall art, area rugs, linens, and other decor. Maybe you can spruce up your kitchen or bathroom with an eye-catching tile backsplash. Wallpaper is easy to apply and can present just the right accent to a wall, the inside of a bookcase, doors, surfaces, and murals.

Bring in natural elements.

This is a must for Florida home decor—or any home! The color, texture, and appearance of natural elements adds life to a space.Biophilic designrecognizes that humans connecting with nature is essential to our wellbeing, as well as aesthetically satisfying. Bamboo, wood, cotton, linen, terra cotta, shells, seagrass, and plants make great additions to your Florida home decor.

Shed light on your interiors.

Think about lighting for your various rooms and spaces in your new home. Orlando homes certainly enjoy a lot of natural sunlight, but you’ll need to add layers of lighting to augment the sunshine. Thethree layers of lightingare ambient (general), task (functional), and accent (decorative). Your lighting fixtures can make a definite statement as well as improve the atmosphere throughout your home. Sconces, pendants, chandeliers, lamps, vanity, track, recessed, and undercabinet lighting span an extensive range of styles, materials, and functions. 

Focus on the floor.

Florida interior design on Orlando homes must include attention under foot. Think about how much space your flooring occupies. Your choice can completely change the atmosphere in a room.One of the interior design trends for 2024 that continues to gain popularity is the use ofwood-look tile flooring or luxury vinyl plank flooring. You get the warmth and texture of wood but with easy care and durability that wood floors don’t offer. Wood-look tile and luxury vinyl plank flooring are resistant to water, scratching, stain, and even UV rays (which is very important in sunny Orlando homes!).

Design your home office.

The home office has become a must with the rapid rise of working from home. How do interior design trends for 2024 impact your home office? Are Orlando homes reflecting something distinctive?

The right design for your home office is a combination of elements that create a comfortable and productive work environment for you. Maybe you don’t want or need a conventional desk. Or organization and storage must be smartly incorporated, as well as the use of smart technology. How can you limit the tangle of cords, keep your most important items organized and accessible, and maintain an atmosphere that is conducive to focus?

Start by determining what you must have. Then use the ideas already presented here to address the creative design that brings what you need into a look you’ll love.

Go minimalist in your kitchen.

Every time you walk through a model home, you see a minimalist kitchen—and you probably hope to have the same. The lack of clutter on the counters can be achieved by planning your cabinet design to accommodate everything you need. Popular Florida home design for kitchen cabinetry includes a pullout trash can, small appliance garage, multi-tiered drawers, and vertical pullout shelves for baking trays, spices, and small items. A butler’s pantry can also provide valuable space for storage, serving, and entertaining. Use this nook as a beverage or snack station to keep those activities out of your kitchen and maintain the minimalist look.

Popular interior design blogs for inspiration

Need more help from design professionals? Count on the creative direction and experience available on blogs fromFlorida Design,Florida Homes & Living,Florida Design Works,DKOR Interiors, andSouth Florida Design Park. These are specialists in Florida interior design ideas who share their thoughts and suggestions for interior design trends for 2024.

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