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About RockWell Homes

Builder's Story

There was a time when families knew their neighbors. When a handshake sealed a deal. And when builders personally knew their homebuyers. RockWell Homes wants to take you back to that time.

RockWell Homes is a homebuilder, proudly building homes in Orlando, Florida and Dallas, Texas. Our philosophy is building relationships and treat everyone well. We believe it is time to return to the basics.

With over 20 years of homebuilding experience, working in multiple markets with some of the country's largest and smallest homebuilders, the RockWell team is ready to create a different kind of homebuilding experience.

RockWell homes features unique, harmoniously blended streetscapes, designed to encourage interaction and connection. They are built for each family with the highest quality materials and thoughtful details.

RockWell communities are tight-knit and family-oriented. Neighbors know each other thanks to wide front porches and sidewalks that promote a community lifestyle. From our homeowners to our team members to our local business owners, we believe in building "community" in every sense of the word.

RockWell customers are respected, involved, and well cared for, from day one. We guarantee that you will know us, and we will know you! We keep you informed throughout each step of the buying/building process, so you will always know what is going on while we build the house you will call home.

RockWell team members are special. We only choose people who "get it,” who share in our passion for community, and for connecting with our customers and trade partners. We expect all of our team members to be good stewards in the community, treating everyone with respect and consideration.

RockWell trade partners are true partners. We build solid, enduring relationships that serve our homeowners as well as our communities. We have their backs, and they have ours. What else can we ask for?