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Single Family Home In Winding Bay

From $645,900

SQ 3,296 - 3,475 | BD 5 | BA 4 | GA 2

About Frost

The Frost is a chef’s paradise, creating master pieces while overlooking your family and friends at play and continue in socializing.  This home features a master bedroom on the first floor with a massive, walk- in closet and spa-like bathroom.  There is an additional first floor living space and bedroom for your guests.  The second floor offers the additional bedrooms, all with walk- in closets and a large loft space!

  • Front Entry Garage Homes
  • First Floor Master Suite
  • Loft Space

Elevations &

RockWell Homes - Frost Coastal Elevation
Coastal Elevation
RockWell Homes - Frost Cottage Elevation
Cottage Elevation
RockWell Homes - Frost Craftsman Elevation
Craftsman Elevation
RockWell Homes - Frost First Floor
First Floor
RockWell Homes - Frost Second Floor
Second Floor
Coastal Elevation. Frost New Home in Winter Garden, FL
Cottage Elevation. 3,296sf New Home in Winter Garden, FL
Craftsman Elevation. 5br New Home in Winter Garden, FL
First Floor. Frost New Home in Winter Garden, FL
Second Floor. 5br New Home in Winter Garden, FL
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