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Single Family Home In Winding Bay

From $545,900

SQ 3,296 - 3,475 | BD 5 | BA 4 | GA 2

About Frost

The Frost is a chef’s paradise, creating master pieces while overlooking your family and friends at play and continue in socializing.  This home features a master bedroom on the first floor with a massive, walk- in closet and spa-like bathroom.  There is an additional first floor living space and bedroom for your guests.  The second floor offers the additional bedrooms, all with walk- in closets and a large loft space!

Plan Features
  • Front Entry Garage Homes
  • First Floor Master Suite
  • Loft Space

Elevations &

RockWell Homes -  Frost Coastal Elevation
Coastal Elevation
RockWell Homes -  Frost Cottage Elevation
Cottage Elevation
RockWell Homes -  Frost Craftsman Elevation
Craftsman Elevation
RockWell Homes -  Frost First Floor
First Floor
RockWell Homes -  Frost Second Floor
Second Floor
RockWell Homes -  Frost First Floor
RockWell Homes -  Frost Second Floor
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